I’m a thinker. I’m an observer. I’m a doer. But more than anything I’m me.    

I've always been known to chart my own path and perhaps thats why I became a designer in the first place; the allure of creating something new and different. Maybe it's the same reason I found myself at an out-of-state school where I didn't know anyone, or why post-college I moved to a big city unexplored by my family or friends. Maybe its also why I spent a spring break volunteering in the Everglades, a month doing research in Costa Rica, and a semester studying abroad in Italy.  The constant challenge of the unknown is invigorating.

But change also reminds you of the importance of the constants in your life. My family is one of the goofiest, most lovable collections of people you’ll meet and they’ve supported me since day one.  I’ve got an amazing network of friends, local and distant, who are always only a phone call away.  I could move across the globe and still be an avid Atlanta Falcons fan and no morning is complete without a cup of coffee.

So count me in for any new experience or activity, but know no matter where I go or what I do,  in the end I’ll still just be me.