School taught me the process, landscape architecture taught me the people


Design school is a strange and wonderful place. You quickly learn that a textbook can only take you so far and once you understand the tools and processes involved, its up to you how far you want to stretch yourself. I loved that. I spent many a coffee-filled night producing exhaustive solutions for one design problem. Often I introduced extra challenges for myself to see if I could design something better and more innovative than what was asked for. With (almost) limitless time and loose restrictions, exploring the possibilities of design work was a welcome challenge.

Below are work samples from my time at Clemson University.

McPherson Park

Public park project focused on revitalizing a forgotten urban park. Goal was to create a diverse programmatic strategy that pulled from both the historical and current-day significance of the park. Emphasis was placed on integrating stormwater management into the overall design intent.


War & Peace Museum

Working with a geographically challenged site in Genoa, Italy, our multidisciplinary team strived to create a project that weaved landscape and architecture in a way that harkened back to the history of the town itself. All of the images and diagrams below were my own work.